Lacalut Activ Medical Toothpaste 5 fl oz (2 x 2.5 fl oz)

Lacalut Activ Medical Toothpaste 5 fl oz (2 x 2.5 fl oz)

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Fact Sheet
  • Producer: Dr. Theiss Naturwaren GmbH
  • Size: 5 fl oz (150 ml)
  • Origin: Germany
  • Treatmentstops the bleeding of the gums and prevents periodontitis.
  • Why Lacalut aktiv?Bleeding gums is a serious problem affecting many people. The problem is serious because in most cases people do not know the reason for it. They believe that the bleeding is temporary or due to strong pressure with a toothbrush.
  • In surveys, 67% of respondents say that their gums bleed, and in 16% it is very common.
  • 53% of those affected are not considered a serious problem, 32% did not know whether it is serious and only 15% consider it serious.
  • Bleeding gums is the beginning of a dangerous vicious circle. Cause of bleeding is the deposition of plaque causing inflammation called "gingivitis." As a result, "gingivitis" gums start to bleed intensive, even with a light touch, trying to eliminate the inflammation. The result is - red gums and bad breath. At this stage the process can still be stopped by application of systematic care for your teeth. Unless appropriate care the next stage, which is already irreversible, is "periodontitis". Periodontitis causes the formation of "pockets" in the gums, inflammation of the connective tissue and reinforcing apparatus of the tooth and hence to loss of teeth. With medical toothpaste LACALUT aktiv, which strengthens the gums and reduces plaque, we can prevent this.

The effect of LACALUT aktiv begins immediately. Already during the first use of the gums feel tightness and 2-3 days after bleeding stops.

Use instead of other toothpaste.


Active Ingredients

LACALUT aktiv has 5 active ingredients:

* Aluminum lactate - tightens and stops bleeding gums;

* Chlorhexidine - dissolve plaque and reduces bacterial growth;

* Allantoin - soothing gums and stops the development of infection;

* Bisabolol - provides additional disinfection;

* Aluminium Fluoride - mineralized and strengthens tooth enamel;


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