Inneov Densilogy 180 caps

Inneov Densilogy 180 caps

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Fact Sheet
  • Producer: Inneov
  • Size: 180 caps
  • Origin: France
  • Treatment: Anti Hair Loss
  • The secret of hair abundance Proper hair production and hair growth can be blocked by many every day factors like stress, hormonal changes or aging. Innéov Densilogy Hair Anchorage and Growth is a food supplement designed to fight against volume hair loss, thinning hair and / or split nails. Inneov Densilogy keeps the hair bulbs acting at two levels: anchor and hair growth.


  • According to the clinical study conducted on 118 women for six months, results have proven:

    - improving the quality of hair for 95% of women

    - increasing the volume of the hair for 86% of women

    - increasing the hair diameter for 78% of women.

  • Action - Inneov Densilogy has a composition of VITAMIN D3  and OMEGA 3 (DHA, EPA, ALA), among others, whose association has a synergistic effect that preserves membrane anchor and stimulate growth.


  • How does it work?


  1. Preserve membrane anchor decreasing production of MMP-9, enzymes responsible for the erosion of the membrane anchor.
  2. Powerful anti-inflammatory action by inhibiting the production of Interleukin-8, responsible of follicle fibrosis.
  3. Vitamin D3 prolongs the life expectancy of the hair so that the hair grows for longer.
  • Inneov Densilogy has a complete formula that associates 6 ingredients getting a unique complex:

    - Vitamin D3 - 5 micrograms / day

    - Omega 3 - 185 mg / day

    - Zinc - 7mg/day

    - Lycopene - 1mg/day

    - Vitamin C - 30 mg / day

    - Vitamin E - 5 mg / day

  • Inneov Densilogy fights against the hair loss thanks to its anti-hair loss actions:

    - Anti-oxidation

    - Anti-inflammatory

    - Improvement of micro circulation

    - Protein synthesis.


2 capsules per day to take with one of the main meals. To take during 3 months. Optimal results after 6 months


Fish Oil, Oil Blackcurrant seed (Ribes nigrum L), Fish Gelatin, Agents Coating (Glycerol), Mono and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids, Zinc Gluconate, Vitamin C, Stabilizer (Beeswax Bee), Emulsifier (Soy Lecithin), Colours (E171, E172, E131), Oleoresin Lycopene Extract from Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum), Vitamin E, Vitamin D 


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