Feliway Spray Cat Stress Relief 2 fl oz

Feliway Spray Cat Stress Relief 2 fl oz

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Fact Sheet
  • Producer: Ceva
  • Size: 2 fl oz (60 ml)
  • Treatment: Great Comfort for your cat's stress relief
  • What is Feliway? Feliway is an easy-to-use product that helps create a loving and comfortable home environment where your cat will spend more time with you.
    The spray helps prevent issues like scratching and spraying, and makes travel and visiting the vet less stressful.
    Feliway creates a state of comfort and calm.
  • How does it work?  When a cat feels safe in its environment, it rubs the area between the side of its face and its chin against furniture, walls or the bottom of curtains. Feliway emits a synthetic form of these facial pheromones, so helping to calm and soothe cats during stressful times.

    Soothes and calms the natural way.
    Mimics a cat's natural pheromones.
    Relieves and reduce stress during situations such as vet visits, moving house, fireworks or re-arranging furniture.
    Calms cats in multi-cat households
    Effective in helping new arrivals settle in
  • Shake the bottle and spray Feliway once a day on doorways, cat-flaps, window sills and prominent objects around the house.
  • To prevent marking if it already occurred, spray Feliway on marked areas after thorough cleaning of the zone for more details see scratching or spraying.
  • Use Feliway Spray in the cat carrier to help comfort your cat on stressful car journeys or going to the vet.
  • Always wait about 15 minutes before letting your cat near any sprayed areas.


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