BIOXSINE (Biota) Shampoo - Anti-Dandruff 10 fl oz

BIOXSINE (Biota) Shampoo - Anti-Dandruff 10 fl oz

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Fact Sheet
  • Producer: B'IOTA Laboratories
  • Size: 10 fl oz (300 ml)
  • Origin: Turkey
  • Treatment: Herbal Formula Against Hair Loss Anti-Dandruff
  • Clinical tests have proven that, after two month's use, Bioxsine reduced hair loss in 90% and increased existing hair growth in 80% of participants. 
  • BIOCOMPLEX B11 the 100% natural herbal active ingredients in BIOXSINE Shampoo are effective in reducing hair loss. BIOXSINE shampoo gives the hair volume and also brightens the hair, making it easier to comb and feel thicker. The shampoo gently cleans the hair and scalp. The shampoo also acts as a preventative to dandruff and prevents its reformation.
  • If BIOXSINE shampoo is used continuously and regularly, it will help living hair follicles to reactivate.
  • The pH value of the shampoo is suitable for scalp and is hypoallergenic. It does not cause any skin irritation or discomfort on the skin.
  • Dermatologicaly tested / safe
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Contains no artificial colorants or fragrance
  • Has a non-sticky and easy to use composition
Apply BIOXSINE shampoo to wet hair, gently massage the scalp with your finger tips for 1.5 to 2 minutes and rinse well. It can be used daily. To get positive results, we recommend that you use BIOXSINE Shampoo on a continuous and regular basis.

BIOXSINE Shampoo is the herbal shampoo formulated specifically for individuals who experience hair loss and /or who wish to maintain and encourage the growth of stronger and more resilient hair. The special ingredient in BIOXSINE, BIOCOMPLEX B11 helps reduce hair loss. It thickens and strengthens hair, as well as reinforces active hair follicles, when used regularly.
Active Ingredients
Biocomplex B11 is effective against temporary hair loss thanks to the herbal active ingredients such as:

-Vitamins (A, B1, B2, B5 and B9)

-Other minerals (Zinc, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium

These ingredients also increase resilience of hair, thicken hair and add volume.


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